Fortuvest Technology Inc.

Fortuvest is a Financial Company principally engaged in Investing in Cryptocurrency. Fortuvest is incorporated in United State with Department of New York State ID: 5775911.

About Us

Fortuvest established since 2016 by some person who are experienced in cryptocurrency. Fortuvest created by the goal that is to help so many people to get more better life.

Nowdays, Fortuvest have and get more millions of investors. We give the education about investment for the investors. Investment is a necessity. Economic imbalance development is often occurs in country. Fortuvest gives investment solutions in the middle of economic crisis in nowdays for you.

What We Do

Fortuvest make easier for the investor in investment and understand Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency market is filled with investment opportunities for those who knows how to trade at low risk and make successful investments. But it’s easy to get lost and lose a ton of money in this new investment, even if many people make profit from them.

Fortuvest has been analyzing the market for the past 4 years, and we can truly understand that Cryptocurrency is here for a long time. Bitcoin is the only one of the various types of cryptocurrency on the market.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a process of adding transaction records to a transaction ledger called Blockchain. Every record that was successfully added to the transaction process, the miner will get a prize after the recording process in the ledger transaction is complete.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency asset which is profitable enough, even though bitcoin is classified as an asset with a limited supply, there is twenty one million coins in worldwide. Therefore Fortuvest also manages investors' money to build Cryptocurrency mines.


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Fortuvest commitment for investors is to provide the best quality for company performance.

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Smart Investment

We offer you the best investment package to 1% in 180 days.

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Fortuvest XT

Fortuvest XT is the most economical and suits for you who want to start the investment.

In this investment package is from $50 to $2,499, you can get the active package with ROI 0.5% to 1% in 180 days

Fortuvest Pro

Fortuvest Pro is the best package for the you who have sufficient level of analysis in cryptocurrency and start the development career with Fortuvest

In this investment package is from $2,500 to $4,999, you can get the active package with ROI 0.6% to 1.1% in 180 days

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Fortuvest Max

Fortuvest Max is the best package for you. This package have the highest result for daily. This investement package is suitable for our loyal user that have been experienced in Fortuvest work system and ready for start Fortuvest bussiness.

In this investment package is from $5,000 to $10,000, you can get the active package with ROI 0.7% to 1.2% in 180 days


Affiliate System

Every your Direct Sponsor purchase the package in Fortuvest, you entitled to get Affiliate 15%

How it works

If you have active investment package in Fortuvest. Just say that you have Fortuvest XT investment package $100. And you use your sponsor link to registration another user. That user is called your Direct Sponsor automatically.

Next, your Direct Sponsor purchase the active investment package $ 100 then, you will be get Active Bonus $ 15 automatically in your account.

Your Package: Active

Direct Sponsor: $1,000 Active

Your Received: $1,000 x 15% = $150 Bonus

Affiliate System
Market Trading


This is the most popular and famous cryptocurrency in the world that is the most mined. And we are Fortuvest and our expert team who do the mining and trading in this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin Diamond
Bitcoin Gold
USD Tether