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Fortuvest use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.


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Every decision we make is centered around our customer’s needs and convenience.


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Be it our app, website, or services - we strive to keep making things simpler.


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We want our customers to be completely aware of everything to do with their investments. Whatever we do is always crystal clear.

What We Do

Trading & Mining

  • The cryptocurrency market is filled with investment opportunities for those who knows how to trade at low risk and make successful investments. But it’s easy to get lost and lose a ton of money in this new investment, even if many people make profit from them.

    Fortuvest has been analyzing the market for the past 4 years, and we can truly understand that Cryptocurrency is here for a long time. Bitcoin is the only one of the various types of cryptocurrency on the market.

  • Cryptocurrency mining is a process of adding transaction records to a transaction ledger called Blockchain. Every record that was successfully added to the transaction process, the miner will get a prize after the recording process in the ledger transaction is complete.

  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency asset which is profitable enough, even though bitcoin is classified as an asset with a limited supply, there is twenty one million coins in worldwide. Therefore Fortuvest also manages investors' money to build Cryptocurrency mines.


Road map

September 2016

  • Start as Community

April 2017

  • Limited Liability Company

January 2018

  • Research & Development

May 2019

  • Trading Plan

March 2020

  • Android Apps

April 2020

  • Fortuvest Token

May 2020

  • Crypto Trading

June 2020

  • Fortuvest Technology Inc.

July 2020

  • Smart Investment

September 2020

  • Digital Wallet

December 2020

  • Equity Crowdfunding

March 2021

  • Fortuvest ICO

August 2021

  • Mining Pool

November 2021

  • Coin Listed on Exchange

February 2022

  • E-Commerce Platform

October 2022

  • Fortuvest Payment Gateway

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